A little more spicy funny rib-tickling - Funny Indian Commercials - Part 1

1. Targets are secondary when it comes to yummy food. God of death let goes this granny to eat food cooked by her with Namastey India clarified butter as it is unavailable in his world.

2. The product is a butter cracker, with a unique taste of sugar sprinkles and masala. The unique taste of Anmol Twinz promises to provide an irresistible snacking experience. The unexpected yet hilarious twist is that the magician brings back the wife with her twin, one sweet another spicy.

3. L&T Insurance, Cashless Claims, 6 hours Response Guarantee, in writing.

4. Finally, the man in this ad got rid of body heat and its complications by using Hitachi air conditioner.

5. The corners of your house are not just breeding mosquitoes; they’re breeding dengue & malaria. No wonder your maid charges you a bomb to clean them. Watch how Kala HIT danger-proofs your home!

6 Center Fruit comes to your rescue by making ones mood ting tong!
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