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For a while I was known here in Hollywood as "That Chimp Guy" because I did a ton of comedy starring chimps. First I did movie parodies with chimps for the MTV Movie Awards in 1994 or 95... then I did a pilot called Space Monkeys for MTV that was sort of Star Trek with chimps, then I did 40 movie parodies for TBS and then a whole series called The Chimp Channel (co-created with my longtime writing partner Tim Burns - we wanted to call it Channel of the Apes, a WAY better title). This bit was one of a series I did for The Man Show, and I it's a personal favorite of film making legend Ethan Coen. The concept here is simple- two low lifes in a Bukowski bar telling dirty jokes. I do the voice of the drunk and Tony Barbieri does the voice of the barkeep. Enjoy...
chimp, joke, monkey, Bukowski, drunk, bar
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